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Obtaining An NJ FID Card

Your local police department will provide you with the following:

-STS-33 Application Form
-Consent To Mental Health Records Check Form

In return, your local police department will request references from you to be tunred in at the time of the application. Once the forms are turned in and investigated by the proper agencies (i.e., New Jersey State Police, the FBI and your local office) and your references return their questionnaires, you should be issued your Firearms Purchaser’s ID. Please note that it may take several months to recieve your FID card.

After receiving your FID card, you may purchase a long gun (shotfun, rifle, powder rifle, or BB gun). If you wish to purchase a handgun, you must apply for a Permit to Purchase A Handgun. These permits are only good for 90 days with a 90 day allowable extension totaling 180 days at the discretion of your local Chief of Police. (You may only purchase one handgun every 30 days). Each handgun requires its own permit and is almost identical to applying for your initial ID card however fingerprints are NOT required.

When purchasing a firearm, you will be asked by the retailer to complete the ATF form and submit to an additional background check via NJ NICS (New Jersey’s National Instant Background Check system).


Purchasing Ammunition in New Jersey

SENATE No. 2470
with Senate Floor Amendments

(Proposed by Senator Turner)


Senate Bill 2470 (1R) regulates the sale of handgun ammunition. Under the provisions of the bill, it is unlawful to sell or transfer handgun ammunition to another person unless that person is a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler or dealer, or is the holder of a valid firearms purchaser identification card, a valid copy of a permit to purchase a handgun or a valid permit to carry a handgun.

The bill does, however, permit ammunition to be transferred to individuals who are not licensed or the holders of firearms identification cards or permits to purchase or carry a handgun for use in firearms that have been lawfully transferred to that individual for target practice, trap or skeet shooting or firing range competition or instruction.

This Senate amendment clarifies that the provisions of this bill are not to be construed to prohibit the sale of a de minimis amount of handgun ammunition at a lawfully operated firing range for immediate use at that range.

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